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docs/utime: Document ticks_cpu() in more detail.

Also, drop ::only directive.
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......@@ -90,11 +90,18 @@ Functions
Just like ``ticks_ms`` above, but in microseconds.
.. only:: port_wipy or port_pyboard
.. function:: ticks_cpu()
Similar to ``ticks_ms`` and ``ticks_us``, but with higher resolution (usually CPU clocks).
.. function:: ticks_cpu()
Similar to ``ticks_ms`` and ``ticks_us``, but with the highest possible resolution
in the system. This is usually CPU clocks, and that's why the function is named that
way. But it doesn't have to a CPU clock, some other timing source available in a
system (e.g. high-resolution timer) can be used instead. The exact timing unit
(resolution) of this function is not specified on ``utime`` module level, but
documentation for a specific port may provide more specific information. This
function is intended for very fine benchmarking or very tight real-time loops.
Avoid using it in portable code.
Availability: Not every port implement this function.
.. only:: port_unix or port_pyboard or port_wipy or port_esp8266
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