Commit 14f945c2 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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Add note about implementing inplace operators.

parent 66028ab6
......@@ -471,6 +471,16 @@ mp_obj_t rt_unary_op(int op, mp_obj_t arg) {
mp_obj_t rt_binary_op(int op, mp_obj_t lhs, mp_obj_t rhs) {
DEBUG_OP_printf("binary %d %p %p\n", op, lhs, rhs);
// TODO correctly distinguish inplace operators for mutable objects
// lookup logic that CPython uses for +=:
// check for implemented +=
// then check for implemented +
// then check for implemented seq.inplace_concat
// then check for implemented seq.concat
// then fail
// note that list does not implement + or +=, so that inplace_concat is reached first for +=
mp_small_int_t lhs_val = MP_OBJ_SMALL_INT_VALUE(lhs);
mp_small_int_t rhs_val = MP_OBJ_SMALL_INT_VALUE(rhs);
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