Commit 11957840 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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esp8266: Update 512k linker script, renaming modpyb to machine.

parent 3e5e4f95
......@@ -137,16 +137,16 @@ SECTIONS
*lexerstr32.o(.literal* .text*)
*utils.o(.literal* .text*)
*modpyb.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modpybpin.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modpybpwm.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modpybrtc.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modpybadc.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modpybuart.o(.literal*, .text*)
*machine_pin.o(.literal*, .text*)
*machine_pwm.o(.literal*, .text*)
*machine_rtc.o(.literal*, .text*)
*machine_adc.o(.literal*, .text*)
*machine_uart.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modpybi2c.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modmachine.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modmachinewdt.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modpybspi.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modpybhspi.o(.literal*, .text*)
*machine_wdt.o(.literal*, .text*)
*machine_spi.o(.literal*, .text*)
*machine_hspi.o(.literal*, .text*)
*hspi.o(.literal*, .text*)
*modesp.o(.literal* .text*)
*modnetwork.o(.literal* .text*)
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