Commit 0c70f887 authored by Damien's avatar Damien
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Add simple PWM control command to STM code.

parent e8674399
......@@ -514,6 +514,14 @@ py_obj_t pyb_servo_set(py_obj_t value) {
return py_const_none;
py_obj_t pyb_pwm_set(py_obj_t period, py_obj_t pulse) {
int pe = py_obj_get_int(period);
int pu = py_obj_get_int(pulse);
TIM2->ARR = pe;
TIM2->CCR3 = pu;
return py_const_none;
#define MMA_ADDR (0x4c)
py_obj_t pyb_mma_read() {
......@@ -749,6 +757,7 @@ soft_reset:
rt_store_attr(m, qstr_from_str_static("led"), rt_make_function_1(pyb_led));
rt_store_attr(m, qstr_from_str_static("sw"), rt_make_function_0(pyb_sw));
rt_store_attr(m, qstr_from_str_static("servo"), rt_make_function_1(pyb_servo_set));
rt_store_attr(m, qstr_from_str_static("pwm"), rt_make_function_2(pyb_pwm_set));
rt_store_attr(m, qstr_from_str_static("mma"), rt_make_function_0(pyb_mma_read));
rt_store_attr(m, qstr_from_str_static("hid"), rt_make_function_1(pyb_hid_send_report));
rt_store_attr(m, qstr_from_str_static("time"), rt_make_function_0(pyb_rtc_read));
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