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docs: Document USB_VCP file-like methods.

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......@@ -36,15 +36,49 @@ Methods
.. method:: usb_vcp.close()
This method does nothing. It exists so the USB_VCP object can act as
a file.
.. method::[nbytes])
Read at most ``nbytes`` from the serial device and return them as a
bytes object. If ``nbytes`` is not specified then the method acts as
.. method:: usb_vcp.readall()
Read all available bytes from the serial device and return them as
a bytes object.
.. method:: usb_vcp.readinto(buf, [maxlen])
Read bytes from the serial device and store them into ``buf``, which
should be a buffer-like object. At most ``len(buf)`` bytes are read.
If ``maxlen`` is given and then at most ``min(maxlen, len(buf))`` bytes
are read.
Returns the number of bytes read and stored into ``buf``.
.. method:: usb_vcp.readline()
Read a whole line from the serial device.
Returns a bytes object containing the data, including the trailing
newline character.
.. method:: usb_vcp.readlines()
Read as much data as possible from the serial device, breaking it into
Returns a list of bytes objects, each object being one of the lines.
Each line will include the newline character.
.. method:: usb_vcp.write(buf)
Write the bytes from ``buf`` to the serial device.
Returns the number of bytes written.
.. method:: usb_vcp.recv(data, \*, timeout=5000)
......@@ -65,6 +99,3 @@ Methods
- ``timeout`` is the timeout in milliseconds to wait for the send.
Return value: number of bytes sent.
.. method:: usb_vcp.write(buf)
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