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This introductions makes explicit the fact that whenever possible,
the documentation describes full MicroPython functionality, and arbitrary
functions/classes/modules may be missing in a paricular port or build.
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MicroPython libraries
The following standard Python libraries are built in to MicroPython.
For additional libraries, please download them from the `micropython-lib repository
This chapter described modules (function and class libraries) which are built
into MicroPython. There are few categories of modules:
* Modules which implement subset of standard Python functionality and are not
intended to be extended by a user.
* Modules which are implement subset of Python functionality, with a provision
for extension by a user (via Python code).
* Modules which implement MicroPython extensions to Python standard libraries.
* Modules specific to a particular port and thus not portable.
Note about the availability of modules and their contents: This documentation
in general aspires to describe all modules and functions/classes which are
implemented in MicroPython. However, MicroPython is highly configurable, and
each port to a particular board/embedded system makes available only a subset
of MicroPython libraries. For officially supported ports, there is an effort
to either filter out non-applicable items, or mark individual descriptions
with "Availability:" clauses describing which ports provide a given feature.
With that in mind, please still be ready to a fact that some function/class
in a module, or even entire module, described in this documentation, may be
not available in a particular build of MicroPython on a particular board. The
best place to find a general information of the availability/non-availability
of a particular feature is "General Information" secton which contains
information pertaining to a specific port.
Beyond the built-in libraries described in this documentation, many more
modules from the Python standard library, as well as further MicroPython
extensions to it, can be found in the `micropython-lib repository
Python standard libraries and micro-libraries
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