Commit 047db229 authored by Chris Angelico's avatar Chris Angelico
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Turn the Travis CI test skipping mechanism into something more generic

parent 88b11b50
......@@ -27,16 +27,17 @@ def run_tests(pyb, tests):
failed_tests = []
skipped_tests = []
running_under_travis = os.getenv('TRAVIS') == 'true'
skip_tests = set()
# Set of tests that we shouldn't run under Travis CI
skip_travis_tests = set(['basics/'])
# Some tests shouldn't be run under Travis CI
if os.getenv('TRAVIS') == 'true':
for test_file in tests:
test_basename = os.path.basename(test_file)
test_name = os.path.splitext(test_basename)[0]
if running_under_travis and test_file in skip_travis_tests:
if test_file in skip_tests:
print("skip ", test_file)
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