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zephyr/README: Describe many gotchas of networked builds.

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......@@ -90,6 +90,9 @@ $(Z_SYSGEN_H):
$(MAKE) BOARD=$(BOARD) CONF_FILE=prj_minimal.conf CFLAGS_EXTRA='-DMP_CONFIGFILE="<mpconfigport_minimal.h>"' FROZEN_DIR=
$(MAKE) -f Makefile.zephyr BOARD=$(BOARD) CONF_FILE=prj_minimal.conf QEMU_NET=0 run
# Clean Zephyr things too
clean: z_clean
......@@ -49,8 +49,20 @@ qemu_cortex_m3):
make qemu
With the default configuration, networking is now enabled, so you need to
follow instructions in
to setup host side of TAP/SLIP networking. If you get error like:
could not connect serial device to character backend 'unix:/tmp/slip.sock'
it's a sign that you didn't followed instructions above. If you would like
to just run it quickly without extra setup, see "minimal" build below.
For deploying/flashing a firmware on a real board, follow Zephyr
documentation for a given board.
documentation for a given board (mind again that networking is enabled
for the build, so you should be aware of known issues for a particular
board; for example, frdm_k64f requires Ethernet cable connected to both
board and host or it will hang/crash on startup).
Quick example
......@@ -93,3 +105,8 @@ default over time.
To make a minimal build:
make BOARD=<board> minimal
To run a minimal build in QEMU without requiring TAP networking setup
run the following after you built image with the previous command:
make BOARD=<qemu_x86|qemu_cortex_m3> qemu-minimal
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