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    tools/pyboard.py: Change logic for when raw ">" prompt is parsed. · d59ca4ef
    Damien George authored
    In raw REPL ">" indicates the prompt.  We originally read this character
    upon entering the raw REPL, and after reading the last bit of the
    output.  This patch changes the logic so the ">" is read only just
    before trying to send the next command.  To make this work (and as an
    added feature) the input buffer is now flushed upon entering raw REPL.
    The main reason for this change is so that pyboard.py recognises the EOF
    when sys.exit() is called on the pyboard.  Ie, if you run pyboard.py
    with a script that calls sys.exit(), then pyboard.py will exit after
    the sys.exit() is called.