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    py: Make mpz able to use 16 bits per digit; and 32 on 64-bit arch. · 9a21d2e0
    Damien George authored
    Previously, mpz was restricted to using at most 15 bits in each digit,
    where a digit was a uint16_t.
    With this patch, mpz can use all 16 bits in the uint16_t (improvement
    to mpn_div was required).  This gives small inprovements in speed and
    RAM usage.  It also yields savings in ROM code size because all of the
    digit masking operations become no-ops.
    Also, mpz can now use a uint32_t as the digit type, and hence use 32
    bits per digit.  This will give decent improvements in mpz speed on
    64-bit machines.
    Test for big integer division added.