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    py: Add MICROPY_QSTR_BYTES_IN_LEN config option, defaulting to 1. · 95836f84
    Damien George authored
    This new config option sets how many fixed-number-of-bytes to use to
    store the length of each qstr.  Previously this was hard coded to 2,
    but, as per issue #1056, this is considered overkill since no-one
    needs identifiers longer than 255 bytes.
    With this patch the number of bytes for the length is configurable, and
    defaults to 1 byte.  The configuration option filters through to the
    makeqstrdata.py script.
    Code size savings going from 2 to 1 byte:
    - unix x64 down by 592 bytes
    - stmhal down by 1148 bytes
    - bare-arm down by 284 bytes
    Also has RAM savings, and will be slightly more efficient in execution.