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    stmhal: Fix USB CDC-only mode under Windows. · 01d64914
    Dave Hylands authored
    This fix adds PIDs 9801 and 9802 to the pybcdc.inf file.
    When in CDC only mode, it presents itself as a Communcations
    device rather than as a composite device. Presenting as a
    composite device with only the CDC interface seems to confuse
    To test and make sure that the correct pybcdc.inf was being used,
    I used USBDeview from http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html
    to uninstall any old pyboard drivers (Use Control-F and search
    for pyboard). I found running USBDeview as administrator worked best.
    Installing the driver in CDC+MSC mode first is recommended (since the
    pybcdc.inf file in on the internal flash drive). Then when you switch
    modes everything seems to work properly.
    I used https://github.com/dhylands/upy-examples/blob/master/boot_switch.py
    to easily switch the pyboard between the various USB modes for testing.