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    Add pin mapping code. · 51dabac0
    Dave Hylands authored
    This commit also introduces board directories and moves board
    specific config into the appropriate board directory.
    boards/stm32f4xx-af.csv was extracted from the STM32F4xx datasheet
    and hand-tweaked.
    make-pins.py takes boards/stm32f4xx-af.csv, boards/stm32f4xx-prefix.c,
    and boards/BOARD-NAME/pins.csv as input and generates the file
    The generated pin file for PYBOARD4 looks like this:
    The generated pins file includes all of the supported alternate
    functions, and includes upsupported alternate functions as comments.
    See the commnet block at the top of stm/pin_map.c for details on
    how to use the pin mapper.
    I also went ahead and modified stm/gpio.c to use the pin mapper.