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    py, compiler: When just bytecode, make explicit calls instead of table. · 4112590a
    Damien George authored
    When just the bytecode emitter is needed there is no need to have a
    dynamic method table for the emitter back-end, and we can instead
    directly call the mp_emit_bc_XXX functions.  This gives a significant
    reduction in code size and a very slight performance boost for the
    This patch saves 1160 bytes code on Thumb2 and 972 bytes on x86, when
    native emitters are disabled.
    Overall savings in code over the last 3 commits are:
    bare-arm: 1664 bytes.
    minimal:  2136 bytes.
    stmhal:    584 bytes (it has native emitter enabled).
    cc3200:   1736 bytes.