Commit 455921a5 authored by taste's avatar taste

Add command prompt for taste-create-project

parent 7a927836
...@@ -14,18 +14,25 @@ fi ...@@ -14,18 +14,25 @@ fi
echo -e "${INFO} A new folder will be created to host your TASTE project."
read -p "Please enter a name for the new project folder: " new_folder
if [ -f InterfaceView.aadl ] if [ "$new_folder" != "" ]
then then
echo -e "${ERROR} InterfaceView.aadl already exists. Use taste-edit-project instead." if [ -d "$new_folder" ]
exit 1 then
echo -e "${ERROR} A folder with that name already exists"
exit 1
mkdir "$new_folder"
cd "$new_folder"
fi fi
if [ ! -f DataView.aadl ] if [ ! -f DataView.aadl ]
then then
echo -e "${INFO} Creating a default ASN.1 data model." echo -e "${INFO} Creating a default ASN.1 data model."
NONINTERACTIVE=1 taste-create-data-view NONINTERACTIVE=1 taste-create-data-view
#NONINTERACTIVE=1 taste-create-acn-model
else else
echo -e "${INFO} Using existing DataView.aadl" echo -e "${INFO} Using existing DataView.aadl"
fi fi
...@@ -61,4 +68,3 @@ TASTE $EXTRA_CMD \ ...@@ -61,4 +68,3 @@ TASTE $EXTRA_CMD \
--load-deployment-view DeploymentView.aadl \ --load-deployment-view DeploymentView.aadl \
--aadl-library $(taste-config --prefix)/share/ocarina/AADLv2/ocarina_components.aadl \ --aadl-library $(taste-config --prefix)/share/ocarina/AADLv2/ocarina_components.aadl \
--update-properties ConcurrencyView_Properties.aadl --update-properties ConcurrencyView_Properties.aadl
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