Commit d8ff4257 authored by Rafal Babski's avatar Rafal Babski

Initial support for MSP430

parent 6b76a45c
......@@ -2530,6 +2530,26 @@ subcomponents
end driver.i;
end ocarina_drivers_udp_exarm;
package ocarina_processors_msp
with Deployment;
with Cheddar_Properties;
processor msp430
Deployment::Execution_Platform => MSP430_FREERTOS;
end msp430;
processor implementation msp430.freertos
Scheduling_Protocol => (Posix_1003_Highest_Priority_First_Protocol);
Priority_Range => 0 .. 255;
Cheddar_Properties::Scheduler_Quantum => 0 Ms;
Cheddar_Properties::Preemptive_Scheduler => true;
end msp430.freertos;
end ocarina_processors_msp;
package ocarina_processors_arm
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