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Sync with feature_buster

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......@@ -9,17 +9,13 @@ git submodule update
make || exit 1
mkdir -p "${PREFIX}"/share/kazoo || exit 1
# Delete old templates before installing kazoo
rm -rf "${PREFIX}"/share/kazoo/templates || exit 1
cp -a kazoo "${PREFIX}"/share/kazoo || exit 1
cp -a ../kazoo/templates "${PREFIX}"/share/kazoo || exit 1
# Sadly, AdaCore has not responded to our pull request:
# To avoid false notification of "dirty" git status,
# clean up their mess in the "templates-parser" after their build
rm -f "${DIR}/../kazoo/templates-parser/tp_xmlada.gpr"
rm -f "${DIR}/../kazoo/templates-parser/config/setup/"???
rm -f "${DIR}/../kazoo/templates-parser/config/setup/auto.cgpr"
# Add kazoo binary to the PATH
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