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A launch script to make life easier for Docker users.

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if ! command -v docker ; then
echo "[x] You don't have Docker installed. Aborting..."
exit 1
docker images | grep ^taste > /dev/null || {
echo "[x] You haven't built the TASTE Docker container."
echo '[x] You need to execute this to create it:'
echo '[x]'
echo '[x] docker build -t taste .'
echo '[x]'
exit 1
echo '[-] ==========================================='
echo '[-] Both Docker and the TASTE image were found.'
echo '[-] You will be able to run all TASTE applications, including X11 ones,'
echo -e "[-] and \e[1m\e[31m your \$HOME folder is mapped under /root/work (save files ONLY\e[0m"
echo -e "[-]\e[1m\e[31m there, everything else will be deleted when the container dies).\e[0m"
echo -e '[-] Also, \e[1m\e[32m the TASTE repositories are under /root/tool-src.\e[0m'
echo '[-]'
echo '[-] Launching the TASTE Docker container...'
echo '[-]'
touch ${XAUTH}
xauth nlist :0 | sed -e 's/^..../ffff/' | xauth -f ${XAUTH} nmerge -
docker run \
-v ${XSOCK}:${XSOCK} \
-v ${XAUTH}:${XAUTH} \
-v "$HOME":"$HOMEB"/work \
-it taste /bin/bash -i
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