Commit baa9d1d7 authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras
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Environment setup.

parent 0917646d
......@@ -7,3 +7,5 @@ export DISABLE_TASTE_BANNER=1
for INSTALL_SCRIPT in install/[0-9]*sh ; do
${INSTALL_SCRIPT} || { echo Failed in execution of "${INSTALL_SCRIPT}" ; exit 1 ; }
echo "Please close this terminal and open a new one (to"
echo "(make sure the environment variables are updated)."
grep ASSERT_IGNORE_PYTHON_ERRORS $HOME/.bashrc.taste >/dev/null || {
echo "export ASSERT_IGNORE_PYTHON_ERRORS=1" >> $HOME/.bashrc.taste
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