Commit ab2eb1a0 authored by Laura Alexandra Sequeira Gouveia's avatar Laura Alexandra Sequeira Gouveia
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Zynq-7000 processor name update.

parent 2c2cf14f
Subproject commit e4e9b2f1025c41fbda1acda09f83dde41dfad0f5
Subproject commit 3735c2ce07737f2eab4de4b39fb7c44c0c033ba8
......@@ -2540,10 +2540,10 @@ with Cheddar_Properties;
processor arm
end arm;
processor zynq extends arm
processor zynqzc706 extends arm
Deployment::Execution_Platform => ZYNQ_RTEMS;
end zynq;
Deployment::Execution_Platform => ZYNQZC706_RTEMS;
end zynqzc706;
processor zynq_qemu extends arm
......@@ -2551,7 +2551,7 @@ properties
end zynq_qemu;
processor implementation zynq.rtems_posix
processor implementation zynqzc706.rtems_posix
Scheduling_Protocol => (Posix_1003_Highest_Priority_First_Protocol);
Priority_Range => 0 .. 255;
......@@ -2559,7 +2559,7 @@ properties
Cheddar_Properties::Preemptive_Scheduler => true;
-- for the moment it is reusing an RTEMS/LEON ExP while the proper target RTEMS/ARM ExP is still under build and test activities (this is only temporary and very shortly will be updated)
EnvVars => "RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH=/opt/rtems-5.1-2020.01.24/arm-rtems5/xilinx_zynq_zc706:CFLAGS=-DCONFIGURE_SMP_APPLICATION -DCONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_PROCESSORS=4";
end zynq.rtems_posix;
end zynqzc706.rtems_posix;
processor implementation zynq_qemu.rtems_posix
Subproject commit 749e5b419ac211b050462a6573cad9544bdd991e
Subproject commit ada837b47a87c15c0ed3aecb4b94a372004787eb
Subproject commit be295ee18d220981b3b074bc1773c9e150d3c246
Subproject commit bdec4ea94608d5d0f58e0e37bfb5be5dcbf9267f
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