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Update peekpoke code

parent 5608bd76
#!/usr/bin/env python
#!/usr/bin/env python2
import sys, os, re, threading, time, signal
import sys, os, re, threading, time, signal, ctypes
#from PythonAccess import *
import DV
import dataview_uniq_asn
import PythonAccess as PA
import PythonController
PA = PythonController.PythonAccess
sizePerType = {
......@@ -80,14 +80,15 @@ class Poll_taste_probe_console(threading.Thread):
while True:
inform("Attempting to open msgQ %s", self.msgQname)
self._msgQueue = PA.OpenMsgQueueForReading(self.msgQname)
if (self._msgQueue != -1): break
if (self._msgQueue != -1):
print "Communication channel over", self.msgQname, "not established yet...\n"
if self._bDie:
# Then, now that msgQ is opened, start polling:
bufferSize = PA.GetMsgQueueBufferSize(self._msgQueue)
self._pMem = DV.new_byte_SWIG_PTR(bufferSize)
self._pMem = ctypes.create_string_buffer(bufferSize).raw
while not self._bDie:
inform("Polling Q")
self.messageReceivedType = PA.RetrieveMessageFromQueue(self._msgQueue, bufferSize, self._pMem)
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