Commit 9b79d90a authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras
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Merge branch 'UpgradedStackUsageChecker' into 'master'

Upgraded stack usage checker

See merge request !30
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Subproject commit 13310ab547d75c743832038cf27baa43b4f7d410
Subproject commit d1ee87cea309b48841ac64bfe5ca2a7fe9c11210
Subproject commit 70f1f478d4e7a2a053dbc1eeefe6d57b38eae583
Subproject commit 43f308f7f5f07a744446ed1cd5739dc2c6d3c454
dpkg -l | grep '^ii.*spacecreator.*0.1.34763' > /dev/null || {
dpkg -l | grep '^ii.*spacecreator.*0.1.3228' > /dev/null || {
dpkg -l | grep spacecreator > /dev/null && {
echo "[-] Uninstalling previously existing version..."
sudo apt remove -y --force-yes spacecreator || exit 1
echo "[-] Installing the latest Space Creator..."
if wget -O $NEW_DEB "" ; then
if wget -O $NEW_DEB "" ; then
sudo gdebi -n -o=--no-install-recommends $NEW_DEB || {
echo "[x] Failed to install $NEW_DEB..."
ls -l $NEW_DEB
Subproject commit 90ab2e993e1be9ab3324c51f478eb9d4af10bfff
Subproject commit ff289649ae6496c927e5009cc463947160f99a4a
Subproject commit 80165be0a1dd0847286b553618d62d21d35b64e7
Subproject commit a37a482c22732bb153791d2d5f34ae2fe0b83f86
Subproject commit cccb2224ab8728858b0668576542e8c69d97c5a3
Subproject commit 86775706d232fb21d7fd3b88a5fb8be3b73e469c
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