Commit 9557645b authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Add support for Raspberry PI in ocarina_components.aadl

Contribution from Angel Grover Pérez Muñoz
parent d6ffe8bb
......@@ -2292,6 +2292,20 @@ with Cheddar_Properties;
processor arm
end arm;
processor rpi extends arm
Deployment::Execution_Platform => RPI;
end rpi;
processor implementation rpi.posix
Scheduling_Protocol => (Posix_1003_Highest_Priority_First_Protocol);
Priority_Range => 0 .. 139;
Cheddar_Properties::Scheduler_Quantum => 0 Ms;
Cheddar_Properties::Preemptive_Scheduler => true;
end rpi.posix;
processor zynqzc706 extends arm
Deployment::Execution_Platform => ZYNQZC706_RTEMS;
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