Commit 7c2ce60f authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Add submodules

parent edc57fb6
[submodule "opengeode"]
path = opengeode
url =
[submodule "asn1-value-editor"]
path = asn1-value-editor
url =
[submodule "speedometer"]
path = speedometer
url =
[submodule "dmt"]
path = dmt
url =
[submodule "pymsc"]
path = pymsc
url =
[submodule "properties"]
path = properties
url =
[submodule "orchestrator"]
path = orchestrator
url =
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Subproject commit eac787dfbf5579ffeb6b46e71911b0a0a75361c1
Subproject commit 84968d20b828d4e7b69758ad9ab07ccb38dc1f85
Subproject commit 10211c2482499066927faf9f07f52bc3d1fb290f
Subproject commit 300c419aa15b2a77e0cfc776040d55e1769d283a
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