Commit 298d6b53 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Add comments in the kazoo-generated main makefile

parent e022df12
Subproject commit 8cb1534112efda7a89eb0c26daad87b2278ab47e
Subproject commit 0b280bd648268550163e53b1f33d2fb84223f093
Subproject commit a16bdca401eee8a718f377a8f67095046edf78eb
Subproject commit 170a5f30a61235f1aa43381a357ed10f7aad7195
Subproject commit 0eb073ad8906e9513264bb6a746e96d2a802f551
Subproject commit 34f98001ab42d5bf0cd6cfc66b9619fa28cbd1a1
Subproject commit 8f9158cac66fa293bed37642eae1a6429a587f1d
Subproject commit c0ab32e06e248d3593a86ea448b6a22460560f9e
......@@ -2540,6 +2540,20 @@ with Cheddar_Properties;
processor arm
end arm;
processor zynq extends arm -- ADD THIS
Deployment::Execution_Platform => ZYNQ_RTEMS;
end zynq;
processor implementation zynq.rtems_posix
Scheduling_Protocol => (Posix_1003_Highest_Priority_First_Protocol);
Priority_Range => 0 .. 255;
Cheddar_Properties::Scheduler_Quantum => 0 Ms;
Cheddar_Properties::Preemptive_Scheduler => true;
end zynq.rtems_posix; -- UNTIL THIS
processor crazyflie_v2 extends arm
Deployment::Execution_Platform => GNAT_Runtime;
......@@ -49,6 +49,11 @@ else
echo 'KAZOO?=kazoo
# Here you can specify folders containing external code you want to
# compile and link for a specific partition.
# Use upper case for the partition name:
# export <PARTITION_NAME>_EXTERNAL_SOURCE_PATH=/absolute/path/1:/....
all: c
c: work/glue_built
......@@ -69,6 +74,8 @@ work/glue_built: InterfaceView.aadl DeploymentView.aadl DataView.aadl
rm -rf work/build
rm -f work/glue_built work/skeletons_built
find work -type d -name "wrappers" -exec rm -rf {} +
find work -type d -name "*_GUI" -exec rm -rf {} +
.PHONY: clean skeletons c
' > Makefile
Subproject commit 85d11e04c9357017a023c686b84a4ae10b044973
Subproject commit 414d22a03c0726e2ef285272f6e6cd0825746b02
Subproject commit 73beb3a5d1b2e9418ee83918d7dda8c16a40cace
Subproject commit a8372bbd7e0308452801b984ecb562a885eea28d
Subproject commit 28e953020a68f9336be98f00e140ef4e88bbe397
Subproject commit 1a775037eb59637b1fec2366146b2bf4c4dd3f92
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