Commit 26154ef0 authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras
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Final version of the RTEMS compiler

Together with Embedded Brains, multiple issues relating to
failing RTEMS FPU tests have been addressed over the last
two weeks - by executions of the RTEMS suite on both the
GR712 and the GR740. This latest version of the toolchain
which can be rebuilt, by those who care, via our build
script at - and includes support for:

    - compiling Ada code
    - native FPU targetting
    - SMP (i.e. takes advantage of all cores of GR712/GR740)

The only side-effect is that the Leon3 QEMU simulator now
fails to load the binaries - but we can't let that stop
moving to a new release.

Executive summary:
    RSB commit:   e2952bb185c1f40027caa76cfd9e4a45b17a8886
    RTEMS commit: 96ce1ec743a1fcf27593ee72cf1695d9eb0290de
parent 6ece55af
......@@ -48,22 +48,18 @@ fi
# Make sure the RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH_LEON is set
grep RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH_LEON $HOME/.bashrc.taste >/dev/null || {
LEON3_FOLDER="$(find $FINAL_RTEMS_FOLDER -type d -name leon3)"
GR712_FOLDER="$(find $FINAL_RTEMS_FOLDER -type d -name gr712rc)"
echo Adding RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH_LEON env var to settings.
echo "export RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH_LEON=\"$LEON3_FOLDER\"" >> $HOME/.bashrc.taste
echo "export RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH_LEON=\"$GR712_FOLDER\"" >> $HOME/.bashrc.taste
# We moved to RTEMS4.12, the official SMP implementation
# Add a replace for it
# Remove obsolete "hack" around test-era compiler
sudo rm -f /opt/rtems-4.11.2-SMP-FPU-2017.07.13 2>/dev/null
# We have moved to RTEMS4.12, the officially SMP-supporting implementation.
# Add a replace for it, and for the default target BSP
cat $HOME/.bashrc.taste | \
sed "s,/opt/rtems-4.[0-9]*/sparc-rtems4.[0-9]*/leon.,${NEW_RTEMS_FOLDER}/sparc-rtems4.12/leon3," \
sed "s,/opt/rtems-4.[^/]*/sparc-rtems4.[^/]*/leon.,${NEW_RTEMS_FOLDER}/sparc-rtems4.12/gr712rc," \
mv ${TMPCFG} $HOME/.bashrc.taste
# Add symlink from original path - RTEMS toolchain "burns" hardcoded paths!
if [ -f /opt/rtems-4.12/bin/sparc-rtems4.12-gcc ] ; then \
/opt/rtems-4.12/bin/sparc-rtems4.12-gcc -v 2>&1 | \
grep 4f3b8da031e42d126afd94d17582123f66b78a68 && \
{ cd /opt ; [ ! -h rtems-4.11.2-SMP-FPU-2017.07.13 ] && sudo ln -s rtems-4.12 rtems-4.11.2-SMP-FPU-2017.07.13 ; }
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