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    Final version of the RTEMS compiler · 26154ef0
    Thanassis Tsiodras authored
    Together with Embedded Brains, multiple issues relating to
    failing RTEMS FPU tests have been addressed over the last
    two weeks - by executions of the RTEMS suite on both the
    GR712 and the GR740. This latest version of the toolchain
    which can be rebuilt, by those who care, via our build
    script at https://goo.gl/Nrb9Y3 - and includes support for:
        - compiling Ada code
        - native FPU targetting
        - SMP (i.e. takes advantage of all cores of GR712/GR740)
    The only side-effect is that the Leon3 QEMU simulator now
    fails to load the binaries - but we can't let that stop
    moving to a new release.
    Executive summary:
        RSB commit:   e2952bb185c1f40027caa76cfd9e4a45b17a8886
        RTEMS commit: 96ce1ec743a1fcf27593ee72cf1695d9eb0290de
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