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Add an RTEMS build via Gaisler's RTEMS4.10

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MyInteger ::= INTEGER (0..65535)
-- AADL2.0
-- (c)Ellidiss Technologies
PACKAGE deploymentview::DV::Node1
WITH Taste;
WITH Deployment;
WITH TASTE_DV_Properties;
PROCESS leon_partition
END leon_partition;
PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION leon_partition.others
END leon_partition.others;
END deploymentview::DV::Node1;
PACKAGE deploymentview::DV
WITH ocarina_processors_leon;
WITH deploymentview::DV::Node1;
WITH Taste;
WITH Deployment;
WITH interfaceview::IV;
WITH TASTE_DV_Properties;
END Node1;
IV_Simple_C_Function : SYSTEM interfaceview::IV::Simple_C_Function.others {
Taste::coordinates => "903 923 1729 1416";
Taste::FunctionName => "Simple_C_Function";
leon_partition : PROCESS deploymentview::DV::Node1::leon_partition.others {
Taste::coordinates => "762 722 2102 1592";
Deployment::Port_Number => 0;
leon_rtems_posix : PROCESSOR ocarina_processors_leon::gr740.rtems410_gaisler_posix {
Taste::coordinates => "594 473 2269 1716";
Taste::APLC_Binding => (reference (leon_partition)) APPLIES TO IV_Simple_C_Function;
Actual_Processor_Binding => (reference (leon_rtems_posix)) APPLIES TO leon_partition;
END Node1.others;
SYSTEM deploymentview
END deploymentview;
SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION deploymentview.others
Node1 : SYSTEM Node1.others {
Taste::coordinates => "385 118 2478 1893";
interfaceview : SYSTEM interfaceview::IV::interfaceview.others;
END deploymentview.others;
Taste::coordinates => "0 0 2970 2100";
Taste::version => "1.3.17";
Taste::interfaceView => "InterfaceView.aadl";
Taste::HWLibraries => ("~/tool-inst/share/ocarina/AADLv2/ocarina_components.aadl");
END deploymentview::DV;
PACKAGE interfaceview::IV
WITH DataView;
WITH interfaceview::FV;
WITH Taste;
-- TASTE Interface View
--{ interfaceview obj234 2187 243
--The simplest possible demo.. If this one
--does not build.. We are in big trouble!
SYSTEM interfaceview
END interfaceview;
SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION interfaceview.others
Simple_C_Function: SYSTEM interfaceview::IV::Simple_C_Function.others
{ Taste::Coordinates => "1109 406 1773 1095"; };
END interfaceview.others;
-- TASTE Function: interfaceview::IV::Simple_C_Function
SYSTEM Simple_C_Function
cyclic_operation_obj197 : PROVIDES SUBPROGRAM ACCESS interfaceview::FV::cyclic_operation_obj197.others
{ Taste::Coordinates => "1109 558 1109 558";
Taste::RCMoperationKind => cyclic;
Taste::RCMperiod => 2000 ms;
Taste::Deadline => 2000 ms;
Taste::Importance => MEDIUM ;};
Source_Language => C;
Taste::Instance_Name => "Function0";
END Simple_C_Function;
SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION Simple_C_Function.others
cyclic_operation_obj197_impl : SUBPROGRAM interfaceview::FV::cyclic_operation_obj197.others
{ Compute_Execution_Time => 0ms..2000ms ;};
SUBPROGRAM ACCESS cyclic_operation_obj197_impl -> cyclic_operation_obj197;
END Simple_C_Function.others;
Taste::Coordinates => "0 0 2970 2100";
Taste::dataView => ("DataView");
Taste::dataViewPath => ("DataView.aadl");
END interfaceview::IV;
PACKAGE interfaceview::FV
WITH DataView;
SUBPROGRAM cyclic_operation_obj197
END cyclic_operation_obj197;
SUBPROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION cyclic_operation_obj197.others
END cyclic_operation_obj197.others;
END interfaceview::FV;
if [ ! -e /opt/rtems-4.10 ] ; then
echo The Gaisler RTEMS4.10 toolchain must be placed under /opt/rtems-4.10.
exit 1
export PATH=/opt/rtems-4.10/bin:$PATH
# This script will build your TASTE system (by default with the C runtime).
# You should not change this file as it was automatically generated.
# If you need additional preprocessing, create a file named ''
# and/or ' - They will never get overwritten.'
# Inside these files you may set some environment variables:
# C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/include/xenomai/analogy/:$C_INCLUDE_PATH
# unset USE_POHIC
if [ -f ]
echo [INFO] Executing user-defined init script
# Use PolyORB-HI-C runtime
# Detect models from Ellidiss tools v2, and convert them to 1.3
grep "version => \"2" InterfaceView.aadl >/dev/null && {
echo '[INFO] Converting interface view from V2 to V1.3'
TASTE --load-interface-view InterfaceView.aadl --export-interface-view-to-1_3 __iv_1_3.aadl
# Detect models from Ellidiss tools v2, and convert them to 1.3
grep "version => \"2" "$DEPLOYMENTVIEW" >/dev/null && {
echo '[INFO] Converting deployment view from V2 to V1.3'
TASTE --load-deployment-view "$DEPLOYMENTVIEW" --export-deployment-view-to-1_3 __dv_1_3.aadl
# Update the data view with local paths
taste-update-data-view || exit 1
cd "$SKELS" && rm -f && zip simple_c_function simple_c_function/* && cd $OLDPWD
[ ! -z "$CLEANUP" ] && rm -rf binary
if [ -f ]
if [ ! -z "$USE_POHIC" ]
elif [ ! -z "$USE_POHIADA" ]
if [ -f ]
echo [INFO] Executing user-defined init script
fi \
--fast \
--debug \
-p \
--aadlv2 \
--keep-case \
--interfaceView "$INTERFACEVIEW" \
--deploymentView "$DEPLOYMENTVIEW" \
-o binary.c \
--subC simple_c_function:"$SKELS"/ \
#ifndef ASN1SCC_ASN1CRT_H_
#define ASN1SCC_ASN1CRT_H_
#if (!defined(_MSC_VER) || _MSC_VER >= 1800)
# ifndef SWIG
# include <stdbool.h>
# endif
typedef unsigned char bool;
#define true 1
#define false 0
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#ifndef NULL
#define NULL 0
#ifndef TRUE
#define TRUE true
#ifndef FALSE
#define FALSE false
#ifndef WORD_SIZE
#define WORD_SIZE 8
typedef int asn1SccSint32;
typedef unsigned int asn1SccUint32;
typedef unsigned char byte;
typedef long long asn1SccSint64;
typedef unsigned long long asn1SccUint64;
#if WORD_SIZE==8
typedef asn1SccUint64 asn1SccUint;
typedef asn1SccSint64 asn1SccSint;
typedef asn1SccUint32 asn1SccUint;
typedef asn1SccSint32 asn1SccSint;
#ifdef _MSC_VER
# ifndef INFINITY
# endif
# ifndef NAN
# endif
typedef bool flag;
typedef char NullType;
typedef struct {
byte* buf;
long count;
long currentByte;
/* Next available bit for writting. Possible vallues 0..7, 0 is most significant bit of current byte*/
int currentBit;
} BitStream;
typedef struct {
byte* buf;
long count;
long currentByte;
flag EncodeWhiteSpace;
} ByteStream;
typedef struct {
int TokenID;
char Value[100];
} Token;
typedef struct {
char Name[50];
char Value[100];
} XmlAttribute;
typedef struct {
XmlAttribute attrs[20];
int nCount;
} XmlAttributeArray;
/* Bit strean functions */
void BitStream_Init(BitStream* pBitStrm, unsigned char* buf, long count);
void BitStream_AttachBuffer(BitStream* pBitStrm, unsigned char* buf, long count);
void BitStream_AppendBit(BitStream* pBitStrm, flag v);
void BitStream_AppendBits(BitStream* pBitStrm, const byte* srcBuffer, int nBitsToWrite);
void BitStream_AppendByte(BitStream* pBitStrm, byte v, flag negate);
void BitStream_AppendByte0(BitStream* pBitStrm, byte v);
void ByteStream_Init(ByteStream* pStrm, byte* buf, long count);
void ByteStream_AttachBuffer(ByteStream* pStrm, unsigned char* buf, long count);
asn1SccSint ByteStream_GetLength(ByteStream* pStrm);
asn1SccSint BitStream_GetLength(BitStream* pBitStrm);
void BitStream_AppendBitOne(BitStream* pBitStrm);
void BitStream_AppendBitZero(BitStream* pBitStrm);
flag BitStream_ReadBit(BitStream* pBitStrm, flag* v);
flag BitStream_ReadBits(BitStream* pBitStrm, byte* BuffToWrite, int nBitsToRead);
flag BitStream_ReadByte(BitStream* pBitStrm, byte* v);
/* Integer functions */
void BitStream_EncodeUnConstraintWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint v);
void BitStream_EncodeSemiConstraintWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint v, asn1SccSint min);
void BitStream_EncodeSemiConstraintPosWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint v, asn1SccUint min);
void BitStream_EncodeConstraintWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint v, asn1SccSint min, asn1SccSint max);
void BitStream_EncodeConstraintPosWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint v, asn1SccUint min, asn1SccUint max);
flag BitStream_DecodeUnConstraintWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* v);
flag BitStream_DecodeSemiConstraintWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* v, asn1SccSint min);
flag BitStream_DecodeSemiConstraintPosWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* v, asn1SccUint min);
flag BitStream_DecodeConstraintWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* v, asn1SccSint min, asn1SccSint max);
flag BitStream_DecodeConstraintPosWholeNumber(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* v, asn1SccUint min, asn1SccUint max);
void BitStream_EncodeReal(BitStream* pBitStrm, double v);
flag BitStream_DecodeReal(BitStream* pBitStrm, double* v);
void CalculateMantissaAndExponent(double d, int* exp, asn1SccUint64* mantissa);
double GetDoubleByMantissaAndExp(asn1SccUint mantissa, int exp);
int GetNumberOfBitsForNonNegativeInteger(asn1SccUint v);
int GetCharIndex(char ch, byte allowedCharSet[], int setLen);
db ,ad8888ba, 888b 88 88888888888 88
d88b d8"' `"8b 8888b 88 88 ,d ""
d8'`8b d8' 88 `8b 88 88 88
d8' `8b 88 88 `8b 88 88aaaaa 88 88 8b,dPPYba, ,adPPYba, MM88MMM 88 ,adPPYba, 8b,dPPYba, ,adPPYba,
d8YaaaaY8b 88 88 `8b 88 88""""" 88 88 88P' `"8a a8" "" 88 88 a8" "8a 88P' `"8a I8[ ""
d8""""""""8b Y8, 88 `8b 88 88 88 88 88 88 8b 88 88 8b d8 88 88 `"Y8ba,
d8' `8b Y8a. .a8P 88 `8888 88 "8a, ,a88 88 88 "8a, ,aa 88, 88 "8a, ,a8" 88 88 aa ]8I
d8' `8b `"Y8888Y"' 88 `888 88 `"YbbdP'Y8 88 88 `"Ybbd8"' "Y888 88 `"YbbdP"' 88 88 `"YbbdP"
void Acn_AlignToNextByte(BitStream* pBitStrm);
void Acn_AlignToNextWord(BitStream* pBitStrm);
void Acn_AlignToNextDWord(BitStream* pBitStrm);
/*ACN Integer functions*/
void Acn_Enc_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal, int encodedSizeInBits);
void Acn_Enc_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_8(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_big_endian_16(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_big_endian_32(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_big_endian_64(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_little_endian_16(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_little_endian_32(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_little_endian_64(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_PositiveInteger_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal, int encodedSizeInBits);
void Acn_Enc_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_8(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_big_endian_16(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_big_endian_32(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_big_endian_64(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_little_endian_16(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_little_endian_32(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_little_endian_64(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_TwosComplement_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_BCD_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal, int encodedSizeInNibbles);
void Acn_Enc_Int_BCD_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_Int_BCD_VarSize_NullTerminated(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal); //encoding ends when 'F' is reached
void Acn_Enc_SInt_ASCII_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal, int encodedSizeInBytes);
void Acn_Enc_SInt_ASCII_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_SInt_ASCII_VarSize_NullTerminated(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint intVal); //encoding ends when 0x0 is reached
void Acn_Enc_UInt_ASCII_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal, int encodedSizeInBytes);
void Acn_Enc_UInt_ASCII_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal);
void Acn_Enc_UInt_ASCII_VarSize_NullTerminated(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint intVal); //encoding ends when 0x0 is reached
/*ACN Decode Integer functions*/
flag Acn_Dec_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal, int encodedSizeInBits);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_8(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_big_endian_16(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_big_endian_32(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_big_endian_64(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_little_endian_16(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_little_endian_32(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_PositiveInteger_ConstSize_little_endian_64(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_PositiveInteger_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal, int encodedSizeInBits);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_8(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_big_endian_16(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_big_endian_32(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_big_endian_64(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_little_endian_16(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_little_endian_32(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_TwosComplement_ConstSize_little_endian_64(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_TwosComplement_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_BCD_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal, int encodedSizeInNibbles);
flag Acn_Dec_Int_BCD_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
//encoding ends when 'F' is reached
flag Acn_Dec_Int_BCD_VarSize_NullTerminated(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_SInt_ASCII_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal, int encodedSizeInBytes);
flag Acn_Dec_SInt_ASCII_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_SInt_ASCII_VarSize_NullTerminated(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_UInt_ASCII_ConstSize(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal, int encodedSizeInBytes);
flag Acn_Dec_UInt_ASCII_VarSize_LengthEmbedded(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
flag Acn_Dec_UInt_ASCII_VarSize_NullTerminated(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pIntVal);
//flag Acn_Dec_Int_ASCII_NullTerminated_FormattedInteger(BitStream* pBitStrm, const char* format, asn1SccSint* pIntVal);
/* Boolean Decode */
flag BitStream_ReadBitPattern(BitStream* pBitStrm, const byte* patternToRead, int nBitsToRead, flag* pBoolValue);
/*Real encoding functions*/
void Acn_Enc_Real_IEEE754_32_big_endian(BitStream* pBitStrm, double realValue);
void Acn_Enc_Real_IEEE754_64_big_endian(BitStream* pBitStrm, double realValue);
void Acn_Enc_Real_IEEE754_32_little_endian(BitStream* pBitStrm, double realValue);
void Acn_Enc_Real_IEEE754_64_little_endian(BitStream* pBitStrm, double realValue);
flag Acn_Dec_Real_IEEE754_32_big_endian(BitStream* pBitStrm, double* pRealValue);
flag Acn_Dec_Real_IEEE754_64_big_endian(BitStream* pBitStrm, double* pRealValue);
flag Acn_Dec_Real_IEEE754_32_little_endian(BitStream* pBitStrm, double* pRealValue);
flag Acn_Dec_Real_IEEE754_64_little_endian(BitStream* pBitStrm, double* pRealValue);
/*String functions*/
void Acn_Enc_String_Ascii_FixSize (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, const char* strVal);
void Acn_Enc_String_Ascii_Null_Teminated (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, char null_character, const char* strVal);
void Acn_Enc_String_Ascii_External_Field_Determinant (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, const char* strVal);
void Acn_Enc_String_Ascii_Internal_Field_Determinant (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, asn1SccSint min, const char* strVal);
void Acn_Enc_String_CharIndex_FixSize (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, byte allowedCharSet[], int charSetSize, const char* strVal);
void Acn_Enc_String_CharIndex_External_Field_Determinant(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, byte allowedCharSet[], int charSetSize, const char* strVal);
void Acn_Enc_String_CharIndex_Internal_Field_Determinant(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, byte allowedCharSet[], int charSetSize, asn1SccSint min, const char* strVal);
flag Acn_Dec_String_Ascii_FixSize (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, char* strVal);
flag Acn_Dec_String_Ascii_Null_Teminated (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, char null_character, char* strVal);
flag Acn_Dec_String_Ascii_External_Field_Determinant (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, asn1SccSint extSizeDeterminatFld, char* strVal);
flag Acn_Dec_String_Ascii_Internal_Field_Determinant (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, asn1SccSint min, char* strVal);
flag Acn_Dec_String_CharIndex_FixSize (BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, byte allowedCharSet[], int charSetSize, char* strVal);
flag Acn_Dec_String_CharIndex_External_Field_Determinant(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, byte allowedCharSet[], int charSetSize, asn1SccSint extSizeDeterminatFld, char* strVal);
flag Acn_Dec_String_CharIndex_Internal_Field_Determinant(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccSint max, byte allowedCharSet[], int charSetSize, asn1SccSint min, char* strVal);
/* Length Determinant functions*/
void Acn_Enc_Length(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint lengthValue, int lengthSizeInBits);
flag Acn_Dec_Length(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* pLengthValue, int lengthSizeInBits);
void BitStream_AppendNBitZero(BitStream* pBitStrm, int nbits);
void BitStream_EncodeNonNegativeInteger(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint v);
void BitStream_AppendNBitOne(BitStream* pBitStrm, int nbits);
void BitStream_EncodeNonNegativeIntegerNeg(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint v, flag negate);
flag BitStream_DecodeNonNegativeInteger(BitStream* pBitStrm, asn1SccUint* v, int nBits);
flag BitStream_ReadPartialByte(BitStream* pBitStrm, byte *v, byte nbits);
void BitStream_AppendPartialByte(BitStream* pBitStrm, byte v, byte nbits, flag negate);
void Xer_EncodeXmlHeader(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* xmlHeader);
flag Xer_EncodeComment(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* comment, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_EncodeInteger(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, asn1SccSint value, int *pErrCode, int level);
flag Xer_EncodeBoolean(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, flag value, int *pErrCode, int level);
flag Xer_EncodeEnumerated(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, const char* value, int *pErrCode, int level);
flag Xer_EncodeReal(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, double value, int *pErrCode, int level);
flag Xer_EncodeString(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, const char* value, int *pErrCode, int level);
flag Xer_EncodeOctetString(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, const byte value[], int nCount, int *pErrCode, int level);
flag Xer_EncodeBitString(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, const byte value[], int nCount, int *pErrCode, int level);
flag Xer_DecodeInteger(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, asn1SccSint* value, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_DecodeBoolean(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, flag* value, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_DecodeEnumerated(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, char* value, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_DecodeReal(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, double* value, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_DecodeString(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, char* value, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_DecodeOctetString(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, byte value[], long* nCount, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_DecodeBitString(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, byte value[], long* nCount, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_EncodeComplexElementStart(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, XmlAttributeArray* pAttrs, int *pErrCode, int level);
flag Xer_EncodeComplexElementEnd(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, int *pErrCode, int level);
flag Xer_DecodeComplexElementStart(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, XmlAttributeArray* pAttrs, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_DecodeComplexElementEnd(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag, int *pErrCode);
flag Xer_NextEndElementIs(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag);
flag Xer_NextStartElementIs(ByteStream* pByteStrm, const char* elementTag);
flag Xer_LA_NextElementTag(ByteStream* pByteStrm, char* elementTag);
flag LoadXmlFile(const char* fileName, ByteStream* pStrm, int* nBytesLoaded);
typedef asn1SccUint BerTag;
flag BerEncodeTag(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, int *pErrCode);
flag BerDecodeTag(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, int *pErrCode);
flag BerEncodeLengthStart(ByteStream* pByteStrm, int *pErrCode);
flag BerEncodeLengthEnd(ByteStream* pByteStrm, int *pErrCode);
flag BerDecodeLength(ByteStream* pByteStrm, int* value, int *pErrCode);
flag BerDecodeTwoZeroes(ByteStream* pByteStrm, int *pErrCode);
flag BerEncodeInteger(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, asn1SccSint value, int *pErrCode);
flag BerDecodeInteger(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, asn1SccSint *value, int *pErrCode);
flag BerEncodeBoolean(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, flag value, int *pErrCode);
flag BerDecodeBoolean(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, flag *value, int *pErrCode);
flag BerEncodeReal(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, double value, int *pErrCode);
flag BerDecodeReal(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, double *value, int *pErrCode);
flag BerEncodeIA5String(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, const char* value, int length, int *pErrCode);
flag BerDecodeIA5String(ByteStream* pByteStrm, BerTag tag, char* value, int maxLength, int *pErrCode);