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The setup required to make this sample application work, involves
connecting your GR740 board to a Linux machine via Ethernet.
This could mean a direct connection via a cross-over cable,
or a more normal setup involving an Ethernet switch.

Things to do first:

## GR740 board setup

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If you check the [GR740 board's user manual](,
you will see that on page 17, Figure 4-8, there's a diagram indicating that the
ETH1 interface is only connected if J22 is connected. Note that connector J22
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exists at the bottom side of the PCB - so flip your GR740 over and look at the PCB:
if you see the same picture as that shown in Figure 4-9, **you must move the
configuration plug to the middle location (J22).**
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After that, you can power up the board and connect it with the Linux machine via
an Ethernet cable plugged-in **at the bottom right Ethernet jack** (looking at the
board face-front, i.e. with the "GR740" label on the top-right).
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## Linux ethernet configuration

On your Linux machine - the one that will run the `binaries/x86_partition` - you
need to make sure that the network configuration mirrors the values input in
the DeploymentView:
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    $ grep 192 DeploymentView.aadl
    Deployment::Configuration => "{devname ""eth1"", address """", port 5116 }";
    Deployment::Configuration => "{devname ""greth1"", address """",
      gateway """", netmask """", version ipv4, port 5118 }";
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Put simply, the default configuration assumes that in your Linux machine, there's
a second Ethernet interface (`eth1`) that has the IP address
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    $ sudo ifconfig eth1 up

If you use a different configuration, edit this line in the DeploymentView AADL
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file and change it to mirror yours. You can change the `eth1` to whatever is 
appropriate for your machine; and you can also change the `` - but 
you must stay in the 192.168.0.x subnet.
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The reason for that is because you can't change the address of the
GR740 side of the Ethernet setup... this address is currently hardcoded in the
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PolyORB Ethernet driver.  The PolyORB team is investigating ways to improve
this; in older versions of RTEMS it was possible to modify the IP address after
bootstrapping, but in RTEMS5.1 apparently this is not possible anymore. 

## Build and run

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That should do it - you should be able to launch the compiled `x86_partition`
in your Linux machine, and then the `gr740_partition` in your GR740's GRMON;
and see it all work.