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* Add StarDundee API iff using PRISE, do not build the SpW

          example by default
parent 197af89e
......@@ -4,10 +4,8 @@ C_FILES = $(srcdir)/producer-consumer.c $(srcdir)/devicesconf.c \
AADL_FILES = $(srcdir)/producer_consumer.aadl $(srcdir)/software.aadl \
SCENARIO_FILES = $(srcdir)/scenario.aadl \
$(srcdir)/scenario_local.aadl \
$(srcdir)/scenario_loopback.aadl \
$(srcdir)/scenario_rtems.aadl $(srcdir)/scenario_spw2.aadl \
SCENARIO_FILES = $(srcdir)/scenario.aadl $(srcdir)/scenario_local.aadl \
$(srcdir)/scenario_loopback.aadl $(srcdir)/scenario_rtems.aadl \
include $(srcdir)/../../Makefile.common
USER_CFLAGS= -I/opt/STAR-System/inc/star
# The following is specific to ISAE setting, to use SpaceWire
# API. Adapt to your own setting
HOSTNAME:= $(shell hostname)
ifeq ($(HOSTNAME),prise-space-7)
ifeq ($(TARGET),native)
USER_CFLAGS= -I/opt/prise/STAR-Dundee/inc/star
USER_LDFLAGS= -lstar-api -lstar_conf_api_router -lstar_conf_api_mk2
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