Commit abae2681 authored by julien.delange's avatar julien.delange
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* src/drivers/configuration/ip.asn

   - Use string instead of 4 numbers
   - Describe IP version to be used

 * src/drivers/configuration/
   - Convert ASN.1 generated types to lower case

git-svn-id: 129961e7-ef38-4bb5-a8f7-c9a525a55882
parent b4bdc962
......@@ -9,21 +9,37 @@ csrc = ${shell $(CYGPATH_U) '$(OCARINA_RUNTIME)/polyorb-hi-c/src/drivers/configu
asn1.exe -c -typePrefix __po_hi_c_ 1553.asn
sed -e 's/Mil\_1553\_Conf\_T/mil\_1553\_conf\_t/g' 1553.h > 1553new.h
mv 1553new.h 1553.h
sed -e 's/Mil\_1553\_Conf\_T/mil\_1553\_conf\_t/g' 1553.c > 1553new.c
mv 1553new.c 1553.c
mv 1553.h ../../../include/drivers/configuration/
mv asn1crt.h ../../../include/drivers/configuration/
asn1.exe -c -typePrefix __po_hi_c_ spacewire.asn
sed -e 's/Spacewire\_Conf\_T/spacewire\_conf\_t/g' spacewire.h > spacewirenew.h
mv spacewirenew.h spacewire.h
sed -e 's/Spacewire\_Conf\_T/spacewire\_conf\_t/g' spacewire.c > spacewirenew.c
mv spacewirenew.c spacewire.c
mv spacewire.h ../../../include/drivers/configuration/
mv asn1crt.h ../../../include/drivers/configuration/
asn1.exe -c -typePrefix __po_hi_c_ ip.asn
mv ip.h ../../../include/drivers/configuration/
mv asn1crt.h ../../../include/drivers/configuration/
sed -e 's/IP\_Conf\_T/ip\_conf\_t/g' ip.h > ipnew.h
mv ipnew.h ip.h
sed -e 's/IP\_Conf\_T/ip\_conf\_t/g' ip.c > ipnew.c
mv ipnew.c ip.c
mv ip.h ../../../include/drivers/configuration/
asn1.exe -c -typePrefix __po_hi_c_ serial.asn
sed -e 's/Serial\_Conf\_T/serial\_conf\_t/g' serial.h > serialnew.h
mv serialnew.h serial.h
sed -e 's/Serial\_Conf\_T/serial\_conf\_t/g' serial.c > serialnew.c
mv serialnew.c serial.c
mv serial.h ../../../include/drivers/configuration/
mv asn1crt.h ../../../include/drivers/configuration/
Ip-Address-T ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (4)) OF INTEGER (0 .. 255)
Port-T ::= INTEGER (0 .. 16535)
Version-T ::= ENUMERATED {ipv4,ipv6}
IP-Conf-T ::= SEQUENCE {
devname IA5String (SIZE (1..20)),
address Ip-Address-T,
address IA5String (SIZE (1..40)),
version Version-T DEFAULT ipv4,
port Port-T
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