Commit 8c2af7d1 authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* Remove useless variable msg

        Part of openaadl/ocarina#99
parent e9ce1efe
......@@ -67,7 +67,6 @@ int __po_hi_xtratum_port[__PO_HI_NB_PORTS];
int __po_hi_transport_send (__po_hi_task_id id, __po_hi_port_t port)
__po_hi_msg_t msg;
__po_hi_request_t* request;
__po_hi_uint8_t ndest;
__po_hi_uint8_t i;
......@@ -112,7 +111,6 @@ int __po_hi_transport_send (__po_hi_task_id id, __po_hi_port_t port)
destination_entity = __po_hi_get_entity_from_global_port (destination_port);
assert(destination_entity != -1);
__PO_HI_DEBUG_DEBUG ("\t%d (entity=%d)", destination_port, destination_entity);
__po_hi_msg_reallocate (&msg);
request->port = destination_port;
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