Commit 650c97ad authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* Fix regresion on GRETH driver compilation when no GRETH is


          For openaadl/ocarina#150
parent 236e93bc
package Scenario
with Ocarina_Config;
with Ocarina_Library;
system producer_consumer extends Ocarina_Library::Default_PolyORB_HI_C_Config
Ocarina_Config::Referencial_Files =>
("pr_a", "pr_a.ref",
"pr_b", "pr_b.ref");
Ocarina_Config::AADL_Files +=>
("producer_consumer.aadl", "software.aadl");
Ocarina_Config::Root_System_Name => "PC_Simple.loopback_rtems_ethernet";
end producer_consumer;
system implementation producer_consumer.Impl
end producer_consumer.Impl;
end scenario;
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