Commit 5ab9ec17 authored by julien.delange's avatar julien.delange
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* fix an error that breaks build for RTEMS_POSIX targets

git-svn-id: 129961e7-ef38-4bb5-a8f7-c9a525a55882
parent aa9afb98
......@@ -95,7 +95,9 @@ int __po_hi_initialize ()
__DEBUGMSG ("[MAIN] Cannot set the clock\n");
__DEBUGMSG ("[MAIN] Create a barrier that wait for %d tasks\n", nb_tasks_to_init);
ret = rtems_barrier_create (rtems_build_name ('B', 'A', 'R', 'M'), RTEMS_BARRIER_AUTOMATIC_RELEASE, nb_tasks_to_init, &__po_hi_main_initialization_barrier);
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