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* Start documenting the init() function

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......@@ -43,14 +43,23 @@ void __po_hi_gqueue_init (__po_hi_task_id id,
* create its global queue, according to its information (number of
* ports, destination of each port ...).
* The first argument is the task-id in the distributed system. The
* second argument is the number of ports for the task. The argument
* sizes contains the size of the FIFO for each port. The offsets
* argument contains the offset position for each queue in the global
* queue. The n_dest argument correspond to the number of
* destinations for an OUT port. The argument destinations tells what
* are the ports connected to an OUT port. Finally, the argument
* total_fifo_size gives the total size of the global queue
* id : id of the task associated to this queue
* nb_ports : number of ports for task 'id'
* queue : XXX
* sizes : size of the FIFO for each port, or __PO_HI_GQUEUE_FIFO_OUT
* if this is an out port;
* first
* ofssets: offset position for each queue in the global
* queue
* woffsets :
* n_dest : number of destinations for each port;
* destinations : destination for each port;
* used_size : XXX
* history : XXX
* recent : XXX
* empties : XXX
* total_fifo_sizes: XXX
void __po_hi_gqueue_store_out (__po_hi_task_id id,
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