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Quick installation instructions for PolyORB-HI-C:
Please refer to the provided user's guide for more
detailed installation instructions.
- Gnu C Compiler (aka GCC, see Compiler
provided by most of Linux distribution is sufficient. However,
you'll need cross-compiler if you try to generate code for
embedded architectures. In this case, please refer to the
manual of PolyORB-HI-C.
- The latest snapshot of the Ocarina AADL tool suite
- Install Ocarina as specified by their respective
documentations and make sure their 'bin' installation directories is
located at the top of your PATH environment variable.
- Issue ./configure
- Issue make && make install. It will install the runtime
in a directory of Ocarina. You must have the rights to write
into the Ocarina installation directory to install PolyORB-HI-C.
To build the examples, and after installing PolyORB-HI-C, issue:
$> make examples
The generated code and the compiled nodes for each example are located
in examples/example_name/<main_aadl_system_name>
v1.0 (2008-05-12) : First release of PolyORB-HI-C
PolyORB-HI/C runtime
This is the PolyORB-HI/C runtime, a high-integrity middleware used in
conjunction with code generation from AADL models using Ocarina.
The recommended installation process is through the proper
configuration and installation of Ocarina, see Ocarina documentation
for details.
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