Commit 1225a7ad authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* Extend makefile for AIR, adding IMA API

	For openaadl/ocarina#160
parent f0601691
......@@ -17,11 +17,12 @@ LIBS = -lrtemsall -lc
# RTEMS/AIR specific flags
POHI_CFLAGS += -DAIR_HYPERVISOR -I$(AIR_ROOT)/pmk/core/include -I$(AIR_ROOT)/pmk/arch/sparc/include
POHI_CFLAGS += -DAIR_HYPERVISOR -I$(AIR_ROOT)/pmk/core/include -I$(AIR_ROOT)/pmk/arch/sparc/include -I$(AIR_ROOT)/install/libs/imaspex/include/
include $(AIR_ROOT)/
LD_LIBS = $(AIR_LIBS)/libprintf/libprintf.a $(AIR_LIBS)/libair/libair.a
LD_LIBS = $(AIR_LIBS)/libprintf/libprintf.a \
$(AIR_LIBS)/libair/libair.a $(AIR_LIBS)/imaspex/imaspex.a
CPPFLAGS += -DAIR_HYPERVISOR./ -I./ -B./ -I../common/ -B../common/ -B$(AIR_LIBS)/libprintf/ -B$(AIR_LIBS)/libair/
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