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    * include/po_hi_transport.h · f967c6bf
    jdelange authored
       - Update transport functions, use
         a dynamic function table to store
         the function to be call for each device to send data.
       - Introduce a static __po_hi_send_output, remove the old
         generated one.
       - Introduce the following functions to help the handling
         of device driver sending functions:
         * __po_hi_transport_get_sending_func
         * __po_hi_transport_set_sending_func
         * __po_hi_transport_call_sending_func_by_port
         * __po_hi_transport_call_sending_func_by_device
       - Remove the __po_hi_transport_send_default, replace
         with a single function __po_hi_transport_send for
         both local and distributed communications.
       - __po_hi_transport_send is synonym for __po_hi_send_output
         and __po_hi_transport_default (backward compatibility)
     * include/po_hi_types.h
       - Update copyright header for types
     * src/drivers/po_hi_driver_sockets.c
       - Update driver, register sending function
         when starting
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