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Quick installation instructions for PolyORB-HI:
Please refer to the PolyORB High Intergrity user's guide for more
detailed installation instructions.
- GCC (from the FSF) or GNAT GPL (
- The latest snapshot of the Ocarina AADL tool suite
Optionally, you can install :
- GNATforLEON (for the LEON_ORK platform),
- GNAT Pro 6.2.1 or later (for the LEON_GNAT platform)
- Install GNAT and Ocarina as specified by their respective
documentations and make sure their 'bin' installation directories
is located at the top of your PATH environment variable.
- Issue ./configure
- Issue make && make install
To build the examples, and after installing PolyORB-HI, issue:
$> make examples
The generated code and the compiled nodes for each example are located
in examples/example_name/<main_aadl_system_name>
Here is a short description of the distribution:
* doc/: documentation,
* examples/: set of examples to test PolyORB HI
* share/: common files
* src/: core of PolyORB HI,
* ChangeLog: release information,
* COPYING: GPLv2 licence document,
* README: short description of the distribution.
* NEWS: The new added features
* INSTALL: Installation instructions
For quick build instructions, please refer to the INSTALL file
For more details on this distribution, please refer to doc/polyorb-hi_ug.pdf.
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