Commit ba9eda38 authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx

* Change functions to procedure to reduce stack space

        For openaadl/ocarina#158
parent 9c9e7f1f
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......@@ -159,6 +159,8 @@ package PolyORB_HI.Thread_Interrogators is
-- during the current dispatch. The parameter of the function has
-- the only utility to allow having one Receive_Input per thread.
procedure Get_Value (Port : Port_Type;
Result : in out Thread_Interface_Type);
function Get_Value (Port : Port_Type) return Thread_Interface_Type;
-- Return the value corresponding to a given port. A second call to
-- Get_Value returns always the same value unless Next_Value has
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......@@ -132,9 +132,16 @@ package PolyORB_HI.Unprotected_Queue is
-- Number of ports in the thread
function Interface_To_Stream is
new Ada.Unchecked_Conversion (Thread_Interface_Type, Port_Stream);
new Ada.Unchecked_Conversion (Thread_Interface_Type, Port_Stream);
-- function Interface_To_Stream (Input : Thread_Interface_Type)
-- return Port_Stream;
function Stream_To_Interface is
new Ada.Unchecked_Conversion (Port_Stream, Thread_Interface_Type);
new Ada.Unchecked_Conversion (Port_Stream, Thread_Interface_Type);
-- function Stream_To_Interface (Input : Port_Stream)
-- return Thread_Interface_Type;
type Port_Stream_Array is array (Port_Type) of Port_Stream_Entry;
......@@ -172,16 +179,16 @@ package PolyORB_HI.Unprotected_Queue is
-- False if there is nothing to receive.
procedure Dequeue
(T : Port_Type; P : out Port_Stream_Entry; Not_Empty : out Boolean);
(T : Port_Type; Not_Empty : out Boolean);
-- Dequeue a value from the partial FIFO of port T. If there is
-- no enqueued value, return the latest dequeued value.
function Read_In (T : Port_Type) return Port_Stream_Entry;
procedure Read_In (T : Port_Type; P : out Port_Stream_Entry);
-- Read the oldest queued value on the partial FIFO of IN port
-- T without dequeuing it. If there is no queued value, return
-- the latest dequeued value.
function Read_Out (T : Port_Type) return Port_Stream_Entry;
procedure Read_Out (T : Port_Type; P : out Port_Stream_Entry);
-- Return the value put for OUT port T.
function Is_Invalid (T : Port_Type) return Boolean;
......@@ -197,7 +204,9 @@ package PolyORB_HI.Unprotected_Queue is
-- states.
procedure Store_In
(P : Port_Stream_Entry; T : Time; Not_Empty : out Boolean);
(Thread_Interface : Thread_Interface_Type;
From : Entity_Type;
T : Time; Not_Empty : out Boolean);
-- Stores a new incoming message in its corresponding
-- position. If this is an event [data] incoming message, then
-- stores it in the queue, updates its most recent value and
......@@ -207,7 +216,9 @@ package PolyORB_HI.Unprotected_Queue is
-- indicates the instant from which the data of P becomes
-- deliverable.
procedure Store_Out (P : Port_Stream_Entry; T : Time);
procedure Store_Out (Thread_Interface : Thread_Interface_Type;
From : Entity_Type;
T : Time);
-- Store a value of an OUT port to be sent at the next call to
-- Send_Output and mark the value as valid.
......@@ -219,10 +230,14 @@ package PolyORB_HI.Unprotected_Queue is
-- The following are accessors to some internal data of the event queue
function Get_Most_Recent_Value (P : Port_Type) return Port_Stream_Entry;
procedure Get_Most_Recent_Value
(P : Port_Type;
S : out Port_Stream_Entry);
procedure Set_Most_Recent_Value
(P : Port_Type;
S : Port_Stream_Entry;
From : Entity_Type;
Thread_Interface : Thread_Interface_Type;
T : Time);
-- The protected object contains also an array to store the
-- values of received IN DATA ports as well as the most recent
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