Commit 58c98e7e authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx

* Address regression

	For openaadl/ocarina#158
parent 53cc708b
......@@ -286,13 +286,11 @@ package body PolyORB_HI.Thread_Interrogators is
To_Pointer (Destinations (Port));
N_Dst : Integer renames N_Destinations (Port);
P_Kind : Port_Kind renames Thread_Port_Kinds (Port);
Value : Thread_Interface_Type (Port);
Error : Error_Kind := Error_None;
Global_Queue.Read_Out (Port, PSE);
Value := Stream_To_Interface (PSE.Payload);
pragma Debug (Verbose,
Put_Line (Entity_Image (Current_Entity),
......@@ -331,7 +329,12 @@ package body PolyORB_HI.Thread_Interrogators is
-- Then we marshall the value corresponding to the port
Marshall (Value, Send_Output_Message);
Value : constant Thread_Interface_Type :=
Stream_To_Interface (PSE.Payload);
Marshall (Value, Send_Output_Message);
pragma Debug
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