Commit 50fd0959 authored by hugues.jerome's avatar hugues.jerome Committed by yoogx

* Add an observer to check the user code is not overloading us

git-svn-id: 129961e7-ef38-4bb5-a8f7-c9a525a55882
parent af1d6d71
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ package body PolyORB_HI.Periodic_Task is
task body The_Periodic_Task is
Next_Start : Ada.Real_Time.Time;
T : Ada.Real_Time.Time;
Error : Error_Kind;
......@@ -86,6 +87,15 @@ package body PolyORB_HI.Periodic_Task is
end if;
T := Ada.Real_Time.Clock;
if T > Next_Start then
Put_Line (Normal, "***** Overload detected *****");
Put_Line (Normal, "Lag: " &
Duration'Image (To_Duration (Next_Start - T)));
raise Program_Error;
end if;
delay until Next_Start;
Next_Start := Next_Start + Task_Period;
Next_Deadline_Val := Ada.Real_Time.Clock + Task_Deadline;
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