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New Features of PolyORB-HI:
v1.1 (2008-MM-DD): in addition to v1.0:
- Message PDU maximal size is deduced automatically from each
node data types (change 5386).
- The transport high level layer is now generated
automatically for each node (change 5385).
- New package hierarchy: PolyORB_HI is the root of all
non-generated services. PolyORB_HI_Generated is the root of
all generated services (change 5381 and 5382)
- Added support for AADL "timed" threads: periodic threads
that are also able to respond sporadically to external events
(changes 5365, 5366, 5367, 5368).
- Support of AADL threads that are connected with delayed
connexions (local case only) (changes 5340 and 5358)
v1.0 (2007-10-01): in addition to v0.9:
- New example, mode_switch to illustrate the thread mode switch
(change 5280).
- New example, flight_mgmt to illustrate the new communication
subsystem (change 5275).
- New communication subsystem based on the AADL standard
requirements. User code is able now to manipulate thread
interfaces through several runtime routines. These routines are
provided by the 'PolyORB_HI.Thread_Interrogators' generic which is
instantiated once for each thread (changes 5261-5274).
- New demo from SEI CMU, SunSeeker, that demonstrates how to build
a control system using AADL.
- New demo from IST-ASSERT, MPC, that demonstrates how to build a
replicated system with multiple instantiations of the same threads
on different nodes
- New demo to test the import of C functions, import
- PolyORB-HI now uses autoconf/automake
v0.9 (2007-03-07): in addition to v0.8:
- Renamed project to PolyORB-HI
- Split restriction configuration files to support more
restrictions for GNAT for HI Systems
- Added support for "pragma Priority" for protected objects
generated by Ocarina
- All examples are now running, tested on both native and LEON
- Addition of the SOIF/MTS low level transport
- Simplify configuration by using ADA_PROJECT_PATH variable
v0.8 (2006-10-25): in addition to v0.7:
- Petri net model generation and graphical output from AADL models
are now integrated,
- the D3.1.3-1 Toy Example can now be fully generated using
- updating AADL-to-code transformation rules,
- now automatically launches tsim when the compilation is
complete, and begins the execution of the compiled node
v0.7 (2006-09-29): in addition to v0.6:
- document the API of PolyORB HI,
- many additions to the POlyORB HI user guide,
- now the 'some_types' example is fully generated by Ocarina,
- added toy example from D3.1.3-1, tuned for Ocarina,
- provided a local version of AADL models for ping, for test with
LEON targets,
- added many new features in script to compile,
check and run each generated nodes,
- default target for makefile is now context sensitive and either
process the AADL scenario file, or build the application node,
- added support for schedulability analysis from AADL models using
Cheddar, see the RMA examples for more details,
- packaging now includes a binary version of ocarina, and a
command line tool based on cheddar to test for schedulability
v0.6 (2006-09-18): in addition to v0.5:
- added more debug information,
- added "erc32" rule to build with GNAT GAP 2006 for ERC32,
- added coding guidelines to the OPM,
- added release and debug build modes,
- added generic packages to ease code generation from Ocarina,
- corrected AADL 'ping' example for direct code generation from
- now the 'ping' example is fully generated by Ocarina,
- added the 'producer_consumer' by M. Heitz,
v0.5 (2006-08-02): in addition to v0.4:
- updated all headers to match current licence,
- clean up in the tree superstructure.
v0.4 (2006-08-02): in addition to v0.3:
- remove most occurrences of slices,
- usual code reformatting, update, etc,
- addition of a documentation.
v0.3 (2006-08-01): in addition to v0.2:
- new "check" rule for makefiles, allow to check for all rules
defined in par 7.1 of D3.3.1-2/D3.3.1-2 deliverable,
- provide a low layer wrapper for transport mechanism, allowing
for multi-platform (sockets on native ones, empty on LEON for
- added support to build with "GNAT for Leon",
- added a local test that does not depend on transport lower
layer, works with "GNAT for Leon".
v0.2 (2006-07-28): in addition to v0.1:
- include code reformatting, cleaning and documentation,
- support for more restrictions (see src/gnat.adc),
- new some_types example.
v0.1 (2006-07-26): initial prototype of PolyORB HI with
-distribution features. This initial release illustrates
deployment features with a simple ping example.
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