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* Force scheduling policy to equivalent of

          FIFO_Within_Prioties on native platforms

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-- Ada restrictions to be supported by the PolyORB HI, common restrictions
-- Ada partition-wide configuration
-- Enforce FIFO_Within priorities for all modes. Note we cannot use
-- directly the Ravenscar profile on native platforms because of the Ada
-- runtime on non-RT OS.
--pragma Task_Dispatching_Policy (FIFO_Within_Priotities); -- D.13.1
-- Note: GCC 4.3.5 does not support this policy, changed to binder
-- option "-T0" per sec tion A.3 of the GNAT user manual
pragma Locking_Policy (Ceiling_Locking); -- D.13.1
-- The following define restrictions to be supported by the
-- PolyORB-HI, common restrictions
-- For each restriction, we list its definition place in the Ada 2005
-- reference manual.
......@@ -156,7 +156,11 @@ project PolyORB_HI is
package Binder is
for Default_Switches ("ada") use ("-r");
for Default_Switches ("ada") use
"-T0" -- Force time slice to 0,
-- see A.3 of GNAT user Manual for more details
end Binder;
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