Commit cccb2224 authored by Tiago Jorge's avatar Tiago Jorge
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Update Bambu call options. Fix synthesis related (temporary) status check.

parent a4f2ae83
......@@ -2686,8 +2686,8 @@ def ZynQSynthesis(bNoBitfile):
status =
# Following check is ugly and error prone, since it inspects Vivado log. Change to check command return code instead using something like 'subprocess.check_call'
# Extract return code out of make? or avoid using Makefiles and call directly Vivado etc.
if ("Generating bitstream of project succeed" not in status) and ("Now we would call Vivado" not in status):
panic('Bitfile synthesis failed in "%s"' % os.getcwd())
if ("Generating bitstream of project succeed" not in status) and ("Now we would call vivado" not in status):
panic('ZynQSynthesis: Bitfile synthesis failed in "%s"' % os.getcwd())
......@@ -2779,7 +2779,6 @@ def CallBambuForZynQ(bNoBitfile):
bambu_cmd.append('../' + os.path.basename(bambuFile)[:-1])
bambu_cmd.append('-I../../../' + fBlockName + '/' + fBlockName + '/')
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