Commit aceebf2f authored by Tiago Jorge's avatar Tiago Jorge
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Update: nanoxpython log check

parent 2188ccef
......@@ -2614,7 +2614,10 @@ struct config_bitfile bitfiles[] = {''');
os.environ["NANOXPLORE_BYPASS"] = "x86_64_UBUNTU_16"
with os.popen("make") as pipe:
status =
if "Generating bistream of project succeed" not in status:
# TODO Following check is hugly and error prone, since it inspects nanoxpython log. Change to check command return code instead using something like subprocess.check_call
# Extract return code out of make? or avoid using Makefiles and call directly nanoxpython etc.
# (Two parts of check is due to nanoxpython 2.9.0 having a typo in its log - 'bistream' - that nanoxpython 2.9.2. does not)
if ("Generating bistream of project succeed" not in status) and ("Generating bitstream of project succeed" not in status):
panic('Bitfile synthesis failed in "%s"' % os.getcwd())
btfileSize = os.path.getsize('bitfile-swapped.nxb') # in bytes
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