Commit 5bcdd5b1 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Make sure to have the right fp word size

parent da4ca654
......@@ -354,6 +354,10 @@ def CalculateCFLAGS(node, withPOHIC=True):
result += " -DNDEBUG " # Not supported by AdaCore's CertyFlie...
# STM32 CPUs do not not support double precision, make sure ASN1SCC uses floats
result += " -DFP_WORD_SIZE=4 "
# For heterogeneous systems (STM32+Native Linux) we must enforce size 8 on Native side
# since the compiler is called once and it may have set --fp-word-size 4
result += " -DFP_WORD_SIZE=8 "
for binary, listOfFunctions in g_distributionNodes.items():
key = re.sub(r'_obj\d+$', '', binary)
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