Commit 50de4de0 authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras
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Avoid using -lrt and -lm for ARM_CORTEX barebones platforms.

parent 170d0e22
......@@ -1071,7 +1071,6 @@ def InvokeOcarinaMakefiles(
externals += ' "' + getSingleLineFromCmdOutput("echo $DMT").strip() + '/ZestSC1/libZestSC1.a" /lib/i386-linux-gnu/'
break # If you meet even one VHDL component for this node, the library was added to externals, no need to check further
userLDFlags += " -lm "
userCFlags += mflags(node)
userLDFlags += mflags(node)
......@@ -1107,8 +1106,10 @@ def InvokeOcarinaMakefiles(
elif platformType.startswith("PLATFORM_GUMSTIX_RTEMS"):
if "LEON" not in platformType and "RTEMS" not in platformType and "WIN32" not in platformType:
if all(x not in platformType for x in ["LEON", "RTEMS", "WIN32", "ARM_CORTEX"]):
extra += "-lrt "
if "ARM_CORTEX" not in platformType:
userLDFlags += " -lm "
if bCoverage:
extra += " -lgcov "
if platformType in ("PLATFORM_LINUX32",): # and platform.architecture()[0] == '64bit':
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