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Add doc comments for BraveSynthesisAndHeaderFileGen.

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......@@ -2593,6 +2593,16 @@ def ApplyPatchForDeploymentViewNeededByOcarinaForNewEllidissTools(depl_aadlFile)
if not any('Taste::version' in x for x in open(depl_aadlFile).readlines()):
mysystem('TASTE-DV --convert-deployment-view "%s"' % depl_aadlFile)
# This function generates an header file including the mapping between each ("config") of the defined FPGA configurations and:
# its respective to be loaded/burnt bitstream's/bitfile's offset in memory ("bitFileOffset");
# its respective to be loaded/burnt bitstream's/bitfile's size ("btfileSize");
# and its respective Function Block's name ("fBlockName").
# This hear file shall be accessed by the reconfiguation manager when (re)configuring the FPGA for a particular requested configuration ("config").
# Note on offset ("bitFileOffset"): Is always a multiple of the biggest possible bitfile size (1526250 bytes). This is to accomodate for possible needed bitfile patching.
# Note on Function Block's name ("fBlockName"): This information allows the reconfiguration manager to udpate the status global variable of the Function Block
# that is to be executed in HW as part of the to be loaded/burnt bitstream/bitfile (status informs e.g. about successful or failed FPGA reconfiguration). Currently only
# a single Function Block is associated with an FPGA configuration ("config"), since presently the HW/FPGA's VHDL projects are auto generated per Function Block. As future work,
# the auto generated process could be adapted so different Function Blocks could "live" inside a single HW/FPGA configuration.
def BraveSynthesisAndHeaderFileGen(bNoBitfile):
if bNoBitfile == False:
maxBitfileSize = 1526250 # 12210000 bits / 8
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