Commit f96d992d authored by dbarbera's avatar dbarbera
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Added basic path generation

parent ec93bf1c
......@@ -357,9 +357,27 @@ def _primary_variable(prim):
def _prim_path(primary_id):
def _prim_path(prim):
''' Generate the code for an of an element list (path) '''
raise NotImplementedError
var_ptr = g.module.get_global_variable_named(str(prim.value.pop(0)).lower())
if not prim.value:
return var_ptr
zero_cons =, 0)
for field_name in prim.value:
var_ty = var_ptr.type
if var_ty.kind == core.TYPE_POINTER and var_ty.pointee.kind == core.TYPE_STRUCT:
struct = g.structs[]
field_idx_cons =, struct.idx(field_name))
field_ptr = g.builder.gep(var_ptr, [zero_cons, field_idx_cons])
var_ptr = field_ptr
raise NotImplementedError
return var_ptr
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